دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Logging Out, Shutting Down If you’re the only person who uses your Mac, then finishing up a work session is simple. How'd tha' like to plant a bit o' somethin'? I can get thee a rose in a pot. Why? asked Mary. If the pretty wife had been alive she might have made things cheerful by being something like her own mother and by running in and out and going to parties as she had done in frocks full of lace. (It’s usually $20 or $30 on top of your regular monthly phone plan; for that, you’re allowed to send and receive 2 gigabytes of data each month. I never had any children myself and she's had twelve, and there never was healthier or better ones. Colin turned and looked at him--into his innocent round eyes. But it’s sharing that Internet connection with other Macs via WiFi. So in step 2, you’d click Mission Control. This is the same program you use to erase, repair, or subdivide (partition) a hard drive. You’ll see one, two, or three exclamation marks (!!!) next to each item in your Reminders list, indicating its urgency. Here your boss’s calendars (appointment categories) show up in the left-side list; turn on the checkboxes of the ones you want to appear on the calendar grid. I don't believe you, said Mary; and she turned her back and stuck her fingers in her ears, because she would not listen any more. The next time you turn on the MacBook, it’ll start up from its own copy of OS X, even if the cable is still attached. The classic example is dragging a photo onto the iPhoto icon. (If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, this should look familiar) chapter 4: documents, programs & mission control 155 Launchpad Tip: You can also just press the Option key to trigger the wiggling. At a location. Mary and Dickon worked a litle here and there and Colin watched them. (Inside everybody’s Home folder is a folder called Public) Sharing Your Public Folder Anything you put into this folder is automatically available to everyone else on the network. One menulet lets you adjust your Mac’s speaker volume, another shows you the remaining power in your laptop battery, and so on.