دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

In the keyboard-shortcut center, shown in Figure 4-26, you can look over all the common OS X hidden keyboard functions—for Mission Control, Exposé, Spotlight, Dashboard, the Dock, and many others—and change them. When you return to the Users & Groups pane of System Preferences, you’ll see that new person listed. By clicking Add Device, you create a new icon that represents one of your pieces of gear. If it’s not sure what to do with the file, it offers a list of apps that can open your newly acquired item. Somehow it was not doubted that she was safe for sure. When he was amused and interested she thought he scarcely looked like an invalid at all, except that his face was so colorless and he was always on the sofa. Highlight several passages simultaneously by c-dragging. Bottom: Whenever two monitors are going, the Arrangement tab lets you specify which one gets the menu bar and where the monitors think they are relative to each other. Title bar tricks: By dragging the tiny icon next to the document’s name in an open window, you can perform stunts—like dragging that little icon to the desktop or to the Dock icon of a different program for opening—right from your document’s title bar. From now on, the dialog box shown in Figure 15-1 won’t appear at all at startup time. When you click it, you get sub-rows of parameters for a single criterion. Click the icon to try to connect to the Internet. You can, of course, repeat this cycle to add additional family members, up to a maximum of six. Press the new or revised key combo you want. It’s right next to the space bar. If you got it from some other source, well, there’s generally no Uninstall program. But she did not intend to look as if she were interested. You can also copy the selected portions; when you paste them into a different document, you get a tidy excerpt containing only the parts you wanted, all run together. The Mac’s voice ensures that you don’t mistype as you keep your eyes on the receipts in front of you, typing by touch.” “Search Spotlight for ‘salary estimates.