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Reminders Reminders is a To Do-list program. If, after you’ve searched your soul, you decide to give Enhanced a try, open System PreferencesÆDictation & Speech. When the Save sheet appears, a pop-up menu shows you precisely where the Mac proposes to put your newly created document: usually in the Documents folder of your own Home folder. Perhaps it's five o'clock. The Details Bubble If you click an item’s * button, you open the Details bubble. But sometimes it’s useful to see only the windows of one app arrayed before you—the app you’re using. In the “Select a QIF file” dialog box, navigate to, and open, the first exported account file. She brought it out from under her apron and exhibited it quite proudly. Figure 10-12: Top: The iCloud pane of System Preferences is the central hub of Family Sharing planning. The one you’re using right now is probably one of these models: The current keyboards, where the keys are flat little jobbers that poke up through square holes in the aluminum (Figure 1-6). All your stuff, Person A, simply slides into the background, still open the way you had it; see Figure 15-12. For example, if you’re having a party, you can make a playlist from the current Top 40 and dance music in your music library. It lists only the Options, Hide, and Quit commands and maybe some recent documents—not the full list of commands. Hiding the Program You’re Using For the purposes of this discussion, when a program is hidden, all its windows, tool palettes, and button bars disappear. Once you’ve begun typing a word, press either F5 or Option-Esc to produce the list of possible word completions shown here. She was, however, only an untrained Yorkshire rustic who had been brought up in a moorland cottage with a swarm of little brothers and sisters who had never dreamed of doing anything but waiting on themselves and on the younger ones who were either babies in arms or just learning to totter about and tumble over things. What to Do with an Appointment Once you’ve entrusted your agenda to Calendar, you can start putting it to work. In a remarkable apology letter, CEO Tim Cook recommended using one of Maps’ rivals. Switching Locations Conversely, if your laptop uses nothing but WiFi when you’re on the road, your Location could include nothing but the Wi-Fi connection. I'll tell you a great deal more before your next day out, she said, so that you will have more to talk about.