دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

You can drag files and folders onto it, drag them off of it, change icons’ names on it, and so on. An administrator can access your files, too. Of course you may. (Your main hard drive doesn’t usually appear here, but chapter 1: how the mac is different 35 Window Controls you can drag it here) The removable ones (like CDs, DVDs, and i-gadgets) bear a little gray ´ logo, which you can click to eject that disk. It lets you rename the document, change its tags, or file it into a new folder, without ever leaving the window. There are things like cache files and local storage files (data that Web applications leave behind on your hard drive). No one ever knew, though Mrs Medlock nearly found me out. The pane shown in Figure 2-6 appears. Look at it. To delete a book, click it and then press the Delete key; confirm in the warning box. Play out of doors as much as you like.6? What percentage of your external hard drive is filled up? What are the version numbers of every program installed on your Mac? Can your DVD burner burn dual-layer discs? Does your laptop have any open slots for extra RAM? Terminal Underneath its skin, OS X is actually Unix, one of the oldest and most respected operating systems in use today. Or tap the Esc key. No one believes I shall live to grow up. I couldn't tell 'em enough. The individual preferences panes are represented by package icons in your various Library folders. The preview screen shows you each one before you commit it to paper. It even shows you the proposed new Calendar entry (in dotted lines), in context with all your existing appointments, so you’ll know whether to accept or decline the new appointment. You can manipulate the map in all the usual ways: Zoom in or out using the keyboard (press c-plus or c-minus), the mouse (doubleclick to zoom in, add the Option key to zoom out—or just click the n or — buttons), or the trackpad (pinch two fingers to zoom out, spread them to zoom in). But there’s another way in, too, one that displays all your shared stuff in one handy master list.