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Double-click a person’s name to add her to the list of people who can access this item from over the network, and then set up the appropriate privileges (described next). Spotlight Here’s how you tell the Mac (a) which categories of files and information you want the Spotlight search feature to search, (b) which folders you don’t want searched, for privacy reasons, and (c) which key combination you want to use for summoning the Spotlight menu or dialog box. When you click a category name, you see the available shortcuts. You needn't expect to see him, because ten to one you won't, said Mrs Medlock. She stayed with him for ten or fifteen minutes longer and asked him as many questions as she dared. There are 33,000 free downloadable books at gutenberg. Mary could not help noticing what strange eyes he had. Your iPod gets its music from your Mac, but it can’t put its songs onto a Mac. Same Page opens a new window that’s a duplicate of whatever window you just had open. You go straight to the corresponding window.” But you knew that. It comes from the same company that makes Easy CD Creator. Then drag through the desired text or graphics in the window on the right, as shown in Figure 4-31. (It’s usually three letters long, but it doesn’t have to be) These play a role in determining which documents open into which programs. This section lists all your Finder tags (color-coded keywords). 646 switching to the mac: the missing manual Game Center Game Center The Mac has had its share of games over the years, but it’s never been much of a haven for gamers. Both techniques require you to provide your own copy of Windows. Who is Dickon? he said. (You will also hear it called the desktop, since the items you find there mirror the files and folders you might find on a real-life desktop) Finder = Windows Explorer Getting used to the term “Finder” is worthwhile, though, because it comes up so often. If all you want to do is quit a program or something, this abbreviated menu is faster and easier to comprehend.