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In general, switching over is quick and painless. Mistress Mary felt quite contrary. When you create a PDF file, you can distribute it (by email, for example) without worrying about what kinds of computers your correspondents are using. Double-click a disk or folder icon. The list as it first appears displays Recents (locations you’ve looked up recently—on your Mac or your iOS gadgets). You showed me where the key was yesterday, she said. Your loving sister, Martha Phoebe Sowerby. That “these two address books are radically different” warning isn’t quite the same thing as the warning you may get about sync conflicts. Then turn on “Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu Bar. Figure 11-4: There’s no reason not to use Mail Drop. Removing a font from your machine is easy: Highlight it in the Font Book list, and then press the Delete key. These pop-up menus also contain choices like Left Shift, which refers to the Shift key on the left side of your keyboard. The “Always open in icon view” option lets you override that master setting, just for this window. I won't! said Mary. It lets your Mac memorize your signature, either by taking a picture of it—or by letting you sign with your finger on your laptop’s trackpad (a new feature in Yosemite). It’s an invisible paper trail of every inprogress condition of your document—and you can return to any earlier version at any time. Signing PDF Documents with Your Real Signature Of OS X’s 47,000 features, few are quite as slick or useful as the PDF signature option. But by this time he had begun to sleep better, he knew, and his dreams had ceased to be a terror to him. Chapter 6 describes the process of switching, and Chapter 11 covers the rest of the Mail experience. Here’s a quick tour.