دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Thunderbird is the free, opensource email companion to the Firefox Web browser. If you’d rather have Mail place each message you write in the Outbox folder instead of connecting to the Net when you click Send, choose MailboxÆTake All Accounts Offline. Cutting backgrounds out Here’s a Photoshoppy feature you would never, ever expect to find in a simple viewer like Preview: You can extract a person (or anything, really) from its background. When you click it, you’re offered three other options with profound ramifications: This item is great for paranoia fans who don’t want their passwords stored on Apple’s iCloud servers. Zoom in or out. Tip: Audio eats up a lot more disk space than text. He thought that as he sat and breathed in the scent of the late roses and listened to the lapping of the water at his feet he heard a voice calling. Tip: The primary purpose of the Keychain is, of course, to type in passwords for you automatically. Substitute the F9 key if you don’t. It was so new and big and wonderful and such a heavenly color. Mary went to the window. Often, the current version of your work is generally good, but you really wish you could recover one magical sentence or paragraph or section—something you’ve since edited or deleted. The listed network connections are tagged with colorcoded dots. For example, to create a new mailbox folder, choose MailboxÆNew Mailbox, or click the n button at the bottom of the column. Modern Macs have Apple’s FireWire 800 jacks, which require a 9-pin FireWire cable (and give you much greater speed). 306 switching to the mac: the missing manual Note: Of course, this feature is most useful when you’re sharing printers that can hook up to only one Mac at a time, like USB inkjet photo printers. On the very oldest Yosemite-capable Macs, the Dashboard keystroke is usually F12. We will only chant. (Capitalization doesn’t matter) Wouldn’t it be faster just to click Filename in the suggestions pop-up menu (Figure 3-18)? Yes—but using the Searching window offers you far more control, thanks to the second pop-up menu that offers you these options: Matches. Once you’ve triggered Exposé, you’re not quite finished yet.