دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Choose ViewÆShow View Options to open the View Options dialog box. Each such session shows up on your desktop with its own icon, as though it’s a separate disc. It was bare of flowers because the perennial plants had been cut down for their winter rest, but there were tall shrubs and low ones which grew together at the back of the bed, and as the robin hopped about under them she saw him hop over a small pile of freshly turned up earth. But if you press the c key as you drag an icon to the Dock, the existing icons freeze in place. 654 switching to the mac: the missing manual Tip: The Mac’s speaking feature isn’t limited to a blob of text that you’ve highlighted. Tip: If the other Mac is just asleep, it still shows up in the Sidebar, and you can wake it up to get at it. The Bring-Forward, Hide-All-Others Trick Here’s a terrific technique that lets you bring one program to the front (along with all its open windows) and hide all other windows of all other open programs—all with one click. chapter 13: messages 473 Sharing Your Screen Once the invitation is accepted, the sharing begins, as shown in Figure 13-9. Fill in the “Find” and “Replace with” boxes; click Rename. Mute Audio. You won’t see what’s inside. Once when she was walking toward him he picked up his spade and turned away as if he did it on purpose. You can’t make changes to accounts (in System Preferences) that are still logged in. We are all three alike--you and I and Ben Weatherstaff. It’s the laptop equivalent of Airplane Mode on a cellphone. Entering this password unlocks FileVault, too. Continue selecting and deleting until you have successfully isolated the subject from the background. (Little white dots indicate which page you’re on) Take an app out of a folder by dragging its icon anywhere else on the screen. At this point, there are three levels of security to protect your Mac against unauthorized remote-control mischief: Secure. Once they made him wear a brace but he fretted so he was downright ill.