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Note: All right, you don’t have total time-rewinding control. You can also trigger a sync manually—and this time, the iPhone doesn’t have to be plugged into power. Her face was so solemn that he almost whispered his answer. (And it has an online Boot Camp Help window waiting for you on the screen) Boot Camp Note: Once you’re running Windows, you might wonder: How am I supposed to right-click? I don’t have a two-button mouse or two-button trackpad! Yes, you do. You must go back and get your sleep out, she said. You should feel free to open this folder and double-click things. He was pushed in on a thing with wheels and the skins of wild animals were thrown over him. (Apple assumes it won’t take you a whole week to notice that your hard drive has crashed) Tip: You can see these backups, if you want. Tip: If you don’t know the keystroke that produces a mathematical symbol like π or θ, you can just type pi or theta. Click its name in the Devices list. They’re what you see when OS X recognizes commonly used bits of written information: a physical address, a phone number, a date and time, a flight number, and so on. But using a word processor’s table feature is light-years easier and more flexible, because each row of a table expands to contain whatever you put into it. Turn on “Shared folder. Tip: The first part of this chapter covers the mechanical aspects of moving files and folders from your Windows PC to the Mac. She quite panted with eagerness, and Dickon was as eager as she was. You can also sort your mail list by flag color (choose Sort byÆFlags at the top of the messages list). During the editing process, if you notice that you accidentally styled a headline using the Subhead style, you can fix the problem by simply reapplying the correct style. It remembers how things were in every folder—not just yesterday, but last week, last month, and so on. To see the printer list so far, open System PreferencesÆPrint & Scan. Often, that’s all it takes to make your Mac visible and connectable from other Macs on the network.