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In the “Weekday time limits” and “Weekend time limits” sections, turn on “Limit weekday use to” or “Limit weekend use to” and then adjust the sliders. In the Finder, dragging this tiny icon (technically called the folder proxy icon) lets you move or copy the folder to a different folder or disk, to the Trash, or into the Dock, without having to Figure 1-10: When you find yourself confronting a Finder window that contains useful stuff, consider dragging its proxy icon to the Dock. Figure 3-21: Here’s the master list of search criteria. You shouldn’t notice any speed hit as you work with an encrypted disk, either. And the thought which stimulated him more than any other was this imagining what his father would look like when he saw that he had a son who was as straight and strong as other fathers' sons. Sometimes the rook flapped his black wings and soared away over the tree-tops in the park. Click “Manage network connections. Nobody ever dared to do anything you didn't like--because you were going to die and things like that. If the photo doesn’t precisely match the proportions of your screen, then you get “letterbox bars” on the sides or at top and bottom. At this point, each account holder can log in, fire up iTunes, choose iTunesÆPreferencesÆAdvanced, and click the Change button to choose the relocated iTunes Music folder in the Shared folder. Middle: In the Public folder is the Drop Box, which serves the opposite purpose. You can see the flight number, the departure and arrival times, and the name of the airline. All the Mail features described in Chapter 11 are ready to go: Spotlight can search all your accounts simultaneously, Smart Folders can round up messages from one account or all of them, Quick Look can show you attachments without your having to open them in a separate program, and so on. She had been running and her hair was loose and blown and she was bright with the air and pink-cheeked, though he could not see it. That saves you the final press of the Return key. She was quite right, the comfortable wonderful mother creature--and she had never been more so than when she said their play actin' would be their joy. You don’t have to know a lick of HTML to use the templates—it’s all drag, drop, and type, baby. (The “Erase home folder securely” option even records gibberish over the spot where that home folder was, so that its contents can’t be recovered even by the NSA) Note: If you delete a Shared Only account, you’re not offered the chance to preserve the Home folder contents—because a Shared Only account doesn’t have a Home folder. To see it, choose aÆSystem Preferences.” You can even turn on the parental controls described on page 498 by clicking Open Parental Controls, or permit the guest to exchange files with your Mac from across the network (Chapter 16) by turning on “Allow guests to connect to shared folders.