دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Figure 9-3: Left: Most of the time, all you want is one darned copy of what’s on your screen. Tha'll make him laugh an'there's nowt as good for ill folk as laughin' is. (Right now you’re looking at a PDF file that was printed at a publishing plant) You can search it. Better yet, TextEdit (Figure 19-30) is now a showcase for OS X’s iPaddish features, like Full Screen mode, Auto Save, and Versions (see Chapter 4). He had been standing on the moor listening to a skylark and watching him swing higher and higher into the sky until he was only a speck in the heights of blue. repeat. She was just thinking this when she saw that, at the end of the path she was following, there seemed to be a long wall, with ivy growing over it. Ben Weatherstaff rooted up a weed and threw it aside before he answered. Without stirring from your hotel bed, you’re online at high speed.zip file by simply double-clicking its icon in the Finder. Can tha'sew? No. Perhaps he knew I hated whispering. You can also input account information later—the setup assistant isn’t your only opportunity. It seemed to her like a fascinating sort of play. Perhaps it is, said the nurse, still looking at him with a mystified expression.” “Insert date. But before it dozes off, it hands off its list of available network services—file sharing, screen sharing, printer sharing, and so on—to your Apple wireless base station. Click the l and enter your administrator’s password; now you can turn on “Disable the iBooks Store” to prevent purchases, or “Restrict books with explicit content” to block the downloading of raunchy material. To do that, click the q button above it. Once again, you can begin your navigation by seeing what’s on the desktop (press c-D) or in your Home folder (Shift-c-H).