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In the ApplicationsÆUtilities folder, open the program called Migration Assistant. Later, your gadgets will remind you at the appointed time, or as you approach (or leave) the appointed address. While he dug or weeded he whistled or sang bits of Yorkshire moor songs or talked to Soot or Captain or the brothers and sisters he had taught to help him. (In either case, click Choose in the resulting dialog box) My Pictures. Sending by AirDrop Usually, you’ll begin the sending process in one of two ways: From the Finder. To do that, make sure the program’s icon is in your Dock (either because you’ve put it there or because the program is running). Do you want this person to be able to see where you are (by using Messages, Find My Mac, or Find My Friends)? Once kids turn 13, by the way, Apple automatically gives them more control over their own lives. Or just choose ViewÆ​Show Reading List Sidebar (Control-c-2). c-S, for example, would not be a good choice. App Store See the beginning of Chapter 4 for full details on the Mac App Store. Then start typing your city name until the Mac gets it) If you decide you don’t need all that information—if your menu bar is crowded enough as it is—you can always look up today’s day and date just by clicking the time on your menu bar. There are the Favorites, a special set of bookmarks that you think you’ll use a lot. By the way, you’re a terrible parent) You’re asked to confirm that you’re actually present with her by entering the security code for your credit card. Bonjour is also responsible for filling up your Bonjour buddy list in Messages automatically, listing everyone who’s on the same office network; for making shared Macs’ names show up in the Sidebar’s Shared list; and for making the names of modern laser printers from HP, Epson, or Lexmark appear like magic in the list of printers in the Print dialog box. Once Preview has stored your signature, you can slap it into the PDF documents that will come through your life. Turn on iCloud syncing. When you empty the Trash, that item gets erased right along with everything else. I want to talk to you. Then, in Mail on the Mac, add the same Gmail account, and after a while, presto: All your mail now shows up on the Mac. The more windows you have open, the smaller they are, and the harder it is to see what’s in them.