دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Tip: Another way to turn scaling on and off is to click the “Fit screen in window” button on the Screen Sharing toolbar (identified in Figure 16-20). A PDF file may look like a captured graphic, but behind the scenes, its text is still text; Spotlight can find a word in a PDF haystack. I'm going to walk to that tree, he said, pointing to one a few feet away from him. We certainly can’t have people watching a DVD before the movie studio says it’s OK! That’s why many discs are region-locked, so that they play back only on players in certain geographic regions. That feature is primarily designed to let you speak-to-type without an Internet connection (page 219); but as a handy side effect, it also makes possible the new speak-commands feature. Mr Craven won't have it. Colin turned his head, frowning.” Turning an image into a CD One of the other most common disk-image tasks is turning a disk image back into a CD or DVD—provided that you have an external CD or DVD burner, of course. 574 switching to the mac: the missing manual Or, if you turn on “Zoom follows the keyboard focus,” then the area of magnification jumps when you press the Tab key to highlight different areas of whatever program you’re using. Tip: If you have your own Web site—a com of your own, for example, or a free site through a university—you can also use that Web space as a transfer tool. For example, the first drafts have no tags at all. Colin really looked quite beautiful, Mary thought. I didn't know which way to go and I heard some one crying. You can even use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands, as described in the next section. If your computer’s Internet connection is at fault, you can click Network Diagnostics to try to get back online. Remember, you’re asking the other Mac to pump its video display across the network—and that takes time. She had her hat on when she appeared in Colin's room and for a second he looked disappointed. If you click Review Now, you’re shown one conflict after another—the complete address cards—so that you can make a ruling on which version “wins. Follow the uploading instructions you were given when you signed up for the space. That’s why there’s a menu command and a keystroke that can take you there.