دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Now you can rename your station (click its existing name) or share it. That is, while pressing the Control key (bottom row), click the mouse on your target. Aye, aye, sir, he said and he began to stand up quite straight. Next, the Mac asks you to supply your iCloud account password. Figure 2-8: You can view your Finder-window files in neat little groups, separated by headings. This way, you won’t miss any of the musical mix just because you’re listening through only one headphone. No wires. You can create one for you, one for familyonly events, one for book-club appointments, and so on. It can be a WiFi network, but you’ll get a much faster transfer, with much less risk of interference, if you connect them to a wired network. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from setting up all of these ways, so you can press or swipe in some situations and twitch or click in others. So if you’re editing a note on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll be offered the chance to jump to the same note on any other Mac, iPhone, or iPad you own (if it’s on the same WiFi network). Martha stayed with her until tea-time, but they sat in comfortable quiet and talked very little. Tip: Here’s also where you can turn on smart links, smart quotes, smart dashes, and the other smart textprocessing features described in Chapter 5. But when you quit the program, its previously installed icon disappears from the Dock. In the very top box, name your mail rule. When you click this button, you see a small rectangular button beside the word “Color. Unfortunately, a sleeping Mac is useless on your network. The application-as-folder trick is convenient for you, of 156 course, because it means you’re generally free to move the application to a different window—or to uninstall the program by dragging this single icon to the Trash—without worrying that you’re leaving behind its entourage of support files. You’re allowed to do email and basic Web surfing and a few other deep-seated services that OS X needs to get by. It's planted! said Colin at last.