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But because it requires that each machine be logged into the same iCloud account, it’s not so great for sending big files to other people.” The next time you open the program, it will have forgotten all about your window setup. It’s courteous to put some thought into the subject line. This isn’t like a physical bookmark, where there’s only one in the whole book; you can use it to flag as many pages, for as many reasons, as you like. For example, if you choose Billy Joel as your “seed,” then you’ll hear a lot of Billy Joel, but also a lot of other music that sounds more or less like his. You also have to enter your iCloud password to prevent your kid from sneaking over to your Mac or phone and approving his own request. Please-- and then the lump in her throat choked her. And that’s just how they’re displayed; an additional control in this menu governs how they’re sorted. I dare say th' nurse wants me to stay with him a bit, she said. He must open it on his Apple gadget—the Mail app on the iPhone, or the Mail program on his Mac, for example. There are really two networks: one that uses WiFi, and another connected to an Ethernet hub. A speedy, system-wide Find command called Spotlight is accessible from any program. (If you don’t see it there, then choose FinderÆPreferencesÆSidebar and turn on the O checkbox in the list of Places) Within your Home folder, you’ll find another set of standard Mac folders. And by his, side with his head up in the air and his eyes full of laughter walked as strongly and steadily as any boy in Yorkshire--Master Colin. Eh! I'm moithered to death with them. Open the Wallpaper folder. (Most people wind up hiding the hub in a closet and running the wiring either along the edges of the room or inside the walls) You can buy Ethernet cables, plus the hub, at any computer store or, less expensively, from an Internet-based mail-order house; none of this stuff is Mac-specific. It’s Bonjour at work, for example, that makes other Macs’ names show up in your iTunes program so you can listen to their music from across the network. Click one to open the Help browser described next; you’ve just saved some time and a couple of steps. The Many Languages of OS X Text To set up an input source, see Figure 5-5.