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Then sometime when he comes back to Misselthwaite I shall just walk into his study and say `Here I am; I am like any other boy. Root password. Look round now and tell me if tha'doesn't see a difference. Once it’s done, you won’t notice any difference—until the day comes when you need to recover your files. It can display and manipulate pictures saved in a wide variety of formats, including common graphics formats like JPEG, TIFF, PICT, and GIF; less commonly used formats like BMP, PNG, SGI, and TGA; and even Photoshop, EPS, and PDF graphics. The entrance door was a huge one made of massive, curiously shaped panels of oak studded with big iron nails and bound with great iron bars. However, you have a much nicer PDF-reading program right there in your Applications folder, called Preview. The New Message form, shown in Figure 11-3, opens. It has the biggest music store in the world. You can’t get into it by sitting down at the Mac itself—it has no Home folder! Finally, of course, a Sharing Only account holder can’t make any changes to the Mac’s settings or programs. Before you get too excited, though, some lowering of expectations is in order. Many OS X documents, behind the scenes, have file name extensions of this kind— but OS X comes factory-set to hide them. Sometimes the rook flapped his black wings and soared away over the tree-tops in the park. I suppose you might as well be told something--to prepare you. VoiceOver doesn’t just read every scrap of text it finds on the screen—it also lets you control everything (menus, buttons, and so on) without ever needing the mouse. The < means “before” or “less than”; the > means “after” or “greater than”; and the hyphen indicates a range (of dates, sizes, or whatever you’re looking for). Figure 15-14: Top: You have to explicitly give permission to each person you want to allow to log into your FileVaultprotected Mac. You are not feverish, he said thoughtfully, and such flesh as you have gained is healthy. Crazy. OS X also comes with about a million ways to look up a word: Search it in Spotlight.