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Or click n (top left of the window) or choose FileÆNew Event. You’ll be able to connect to the other Mac over and over again during this same computing session, without ever having to retype your password. She always wanted to try to make him talk to her. So the first step in any Bluetooth relationship is pairing, or formally introducing the two gadgets that will be communicating. You’ll find it in Apple’s showcase programs: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Preview, and TextEdit. In the More menu, a few additional options lurk: Search Book opens the same search box that you’d get by clicking the ¢ icon— except that this time, the highlighted word is already filled in, saving you a bit of typing. You might still be able to find a copy of O2M floating around online, though. And she turned her face toward the streaming panes of the window of the railway carriage and gazed out at the gray rain-storm which looked as if it would go on forever and ever. Here are some ways to do that: Swipe horizontally on your trackpad with three fingers. Maybe you have privacy concerns—for example, you don’t want your spouse Spotlighting your stuff while you’re away from your desk. (On the other hand, you won’t be able to ping your machine, either, when you’re on the road and want to know if it’s turned on and online) Note: You might have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be any option to turn on firewall logging, which creates a little text file where OS X records every attempt that anyone from the outside makes to infiltrate your Mac. As time goes on, Time Machine condenses those backups to daily or weekly snapshots to save disk space. switching to the mac: the missing manual A date and time. If you’re seated in front of your OS X machine now, fire up TextEdit or Pages and follow along. It tells all the programs you’re not using—the ones in the background—to get out of your face. Once you’ve selected them, keep the Option key pressed as you choose FileÆShow Inspector. Now you can do that on your Mac, too. You can make the columns wider or narrower—either individually or all at once—to suit the situation, according to this scheme: To make a single column wider or narrower, drag the fine vertical line that separates it from the column to its right (see Figure 2-15). If he could be trusted--if he really could--wouldn't it be possible to take him to the garden without having any one find it out? The grand doctor had said that he must have fresh air and Colin had said that he would not mind fresh air in a secret garden. Click a stock’s name to see its chart displayed at the bottom.