دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

She was the kind of woman who would stand no nonsense from young ones. If you type, for example, pharmacy 60609, then those red pushpins show you all the drugstores in that Chicago Zip code. Amazingly, you’ll be able to edit your responses when you open the PDF document again later. So why shouldn’t Web sites be able to notify you just as easily—when new articles are posted, for example? Here you can change your mind. That’s it! Now, whenever you type one of the abbreviations you’ve set up, the Mac instantly replaces it with your substituted text. In any case, you now see the display shown in Figure 4-14. You will begin to get fatter just as I did, she said. ' There he is in the bush. You can even create separate sets of Spaces on each screen; it’s exactly as though you’re using multiple Macs and not just multiple screens. It was such a real voice and it seemed so natural that he should hear it. She frowned a little and gave her trowel a rather spiteful dig into the earth. (Activity can be mouse movement, keyboard action, or Internet data transfer; Energy Saver won’t put your Mac to sleep in the middle of a download) 592 switching to the mac: the missing manual At that time, the screen goes dark, the hard drive stops spinning, and your processor chip slows to a crawl. In each case, you get to see colored dots representing the “menu favorite” tags in your arsenal, as described above. For example, you can make them all bold or italic in one fell swoop. If you have a laptop, you’ll also find out that you can tap the fn key alone for Mission Control—and this time, it’s a great choice, because fn otherwise has very little direction in life. Tip: There are two ways to move a window to a different Space without opening Mission Control first. His head was held up all the time and he looked very grand. You can drag one of these icons directly upward, into the Favorites area, to install it there. Contents You can think of this option as the opposite of Name. (If you don’t see Radio there, then choose iTunesÆPreferencesÆ​ General and turn on Internet Radio) In the main list, if you’re connected to the Internet, you’ll see categories like Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, and so on, as shown here.