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In other words, if you keep FaceTime in your Dock, you can place a new call to somebody on the spur of the moment, whatever you’re doing, without having to open FaceTime first. Others offer a traditional installer program that requires you to double-click, read and accept a license agreement, and so on. chapter 8: windows on the mac 289 Boot Camp On the next screen, click Install Now. Right-click the disk icon. It was sweet, and she did not know how strong it was. Scroll & Zoom Scroll direction: natural. If you’ve been preadded to the VIP list of authorized screen sharers, you can sign in with either your account name and password or your Apple ID. Once you land on the store’s main page and set up your iTunes account, you can buy and download songs, audiobooks, ebooks, apps, and videos. Do you know anything about your uncle? No, said Mary. chapter 5: data: typing, dictating, sharing & backing up 217 Power Typing Tip: Don’t be shy—you’re not limited to short snippets. Sign up for a free Gmail account. After a few minutes of whirring and thinking, the Mac displays a list of files that it can transfer from the PC (Figure 6-1, bottom). Apple suggests that you keep your actual work files in this folder. If your computer is set to turn off after a certain period of time, therefore, make sure to disable that feature before you go on vacation. Facebook. It’s designed to be the viewer for all the music, videos, apps, and ebooks in three places: (1) on your computer, (2) on your i-gadget, and (3) in Apple’s online store. Meanwhile, there’s a huge benefit to this arrangement. A single press of c-Tab takes you to the program you used most recently, and another, separate c-Tab bounces back to the program you started in. Suddenly a clear rippling little sound broke out near her and she turned round. Contacts and Mail work with Time Machine, too.