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Some were much bigger than the others and some were so tiny that they seemed only babies. The sight of his uplifted face brought about a sudden change in her own. (The occasional software installer can create problems like this) You’d be surprised how often running one of these permission checks solves little OS X glitches. You can also mute (black out) the video, for use when you have to perform small acts of personal grooming. You switch back to the Finder, where the Get Info box is waiting with the date, size, and other details about the selected icons. Partition. GEM IN THE ROUGH When You Want to Be Nudged about Incoming Mail The Notification Center (Chapter 18) consolidates all the different programs and features that might want your attention—Mail, Reminders, Twitter, Facebook, software updates, and so on—into a single tidy list. You can archive them, search them, copy and paste them, print them, forward them, and so on. I am not tired at all, said Colin. For example, suppose you have two slightly different fonts, both called Optima, which came from different type companies and are housed in different Fonts folders on your system. That should do it. It’s like a hotel that gets demolished and rebuilt after each guest departs. Middle: Before you go on, Safari wants to know if you’d like this password passed on to all your other Apple computers and gadgets. He wasn't vexed, said Mary. I like to hear you talk. Your Mac, of course, knows your Apple ID already (because you’ve entered it in your account screen in System PreferencesÆUser Accounts). (Split Cell doesn’t work except in cells you’ve previously merged) Nest one table inside a cell of another by clicking in the cell and then clicking Nest Table. I'm not! And he said it with such decision Ben Weatherstaff looked him over, up and down, down and up. And it’s not just Web site passwords, either. Turn on this option to override your system-wide preference setting for all windows.