دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

For example, you could type 212 to find everyone with that area code, or cherr to find someone whose name you’ve forgotten—but you know she lives on Cherrystone Avenue. Dr Craven shook his head. Apple gives you a million different ways to open View Options. She went slowly half-way to the door in the wall and then she stopped and went back. You might still be able to find a copy of O2M floating around online, though. But when you want to search for an icon by the text that’s in only its name, this is your ticket. Dickon made the stimulating discovery that in the wood in the park outside the garden where Mary had first found him piping to the wild creatures there was a deep little hollow where you could build a sort of tiny oven with stones and roast potatoes and eggs in it. Now the book opens, ready for you to read. This Apple gizmo is exactly the same as the AirPort base station, except that it also contains a huge hard drive so that it can back up your Macs automatically over the wired or wireless network. 670 That’s why you can click a thumbnail at the bottom of the window and then choose EditÆFlip Photo (c-F). A few, proud people still get online by dialing via modem, which is built into some old AirPort base station models. What a nightmare for people who write computer books! 658 switching to the mac: the missing manual In any case, you can read about the new Photos app once it becomes available. To authorize each one to play music from your account, choose StoreÆAuthorize Computer. When a program on the Dock is open, this command says Show All Windows; when it’s not running, it says Show Recents. Dickon had brought a spade of his own and he had taught Mary to use all her tools, so that by this time it was plain that though the lovely wild place was not likely to become a gardener's garden it would be a wilderness of growing things before the springtime was over. You haven’t moved the original file; when you release the mouse, it remains where it was. Now you can click n beneath the list of accounts. It wants to know if you are exporting your information to another version of Money (“Loose QIF”) or to some other, rival financial program that shall, as far as Microsoft is concerned, remain nameless. Now, it would be a chaotic world if any Mac could randomly take control of any other Mac (although it sure would be fun). If you’ve sacrificed the proper animals to the networking gods, your Mac’s icon should appear in the network window, as shown in Figure 16-16, top.