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You won’t care that all your passwords are gibberish like this; the iCloud Keychain auto-syncs them to all your other gadgets, where it fills them in there, too. Setting Up Time Machine Here’s the bad news: Time Machine requires a second hard drive. For example, you can substitute the Option or c key, if Control isn’t working out for you. Use different-colored tags to track the status of files in a certain project. In other words, First Aid attempts to perform the same healing effects on a sick hard drive as, say, a program like Norton Utilities. It shows the most recent 1,000 photos you’ve taken with any of your other i-gadgets, or that you’ve imported to your computer from a scanner or digital camera (Figure 10-9). You'll have to learn to play like other children does when they haven't got sisters and brothers. Tip: If you don’t keep your pictures in any of those programs, you can drag any folder of pictures onto the Photo Browser window to add them. (Well, not really; iCloud Keychain shuts you out after a certain number of wrong guesses. If you try to shut the Mac down or restart it while other people are logged in, a dialog box tells you, “There are currently logged in users who may lose unsaved changes if you shut down this computer. It’s just like the Spotlight results, but without the item-count limit (Figure 3-18). Can tha'sew? No. (To get to your Library folder, press Option as you choose GoÆ​Library in the Finder) If you do have “Save history” turned on, and you wind up having a particularly incriminating chat, you can tell Messages not to save its transcript by pressing c-Delete. All of these pushpins and nano-icons are clickable. Office 2008 and 2011 can open and create those same newfangled files, but the previous versions (like Office 2004 for the Mac) can open only the older formats. Nowt o' th' sort, mumbled Ben. That forces the program to forget the previous window setup. (If it doesn’t, double-click the setup. It acknowledges the existence of only the first duplicated font it finds. And third, and fourth, and fifth.