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To be precise, OS X comes with electronic versions of multiple reference works in one: Figure 19-11: When you open the Dictionary, it generally assumes that you want a word’s definition (lower left). To do that, click Subscriptions, and then Add Feed. This new name is only a proposal; an editing window also appears so that you can type a custom name you prefer. He rubbed his forehead fretfully as he looked her over. (If “with Drag Lock” is turned on, then the “mouse button” remains down until you repeat the double-tap business.” “Save document. The trouble with miniaturized windows is that, well, they’re miniaturized. Bottom: Next time you’re about to buy something, click inside one of the empty boxes (like Name or Credit Card Number). Just as it had given her an appetite, and fighting with the wind had stirred her blood, so the same things had stirred her mind. A variation on a theme: When you have a bunch of pages open in tabs, you can drag the tabs across the window to rearrange the order. Aye, that's true enough--th' bad lad! sighed Martha, wiping her forehead with her apron. Mary felt lonelier than ever when she knew she was no longer in the house. Tha' might sing th' Doxology, he suggested in his dryest grunt. At first, you might be concerned about the disk space and database size involved in keeping your old messages around forever like this. Here’s the scheme: You can change a plain text document to a formatted one by choosing FormatÆ​ Make Rich Text. Aye, aye, sir! answered Ben Weatherstaff, touching his forehead. (If you find TCP/IP fun, that is) Figure 10-3: Here’s the setup for a cablemodem account with a static IP address, which means you have to type in all these numbers yourself. And you can’t copy and paste between Mac and Windows programs. A handy icon appears at the top right of each Notes page. If you have any other kind of account, though, you can’t change anything but your picture, password, Apple ID, and login items.