دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

AirDrop doesn’t work if you’ve turned on “Block all connections” in your firewall (page 523). There’s a whole chapter on it waiting for you on this book’s “Missing CD” page at wwwmissingmanualscom. Keep this trick in mind when you’re trying to read Word, Excel, or PDF documents, since the text is usually too small to read otherwise. (And since they don’t have Home folders, you also can’t turn on FileVault for these accounts) In other words, a Sharing Only account exists solely for the purpose of file sharing on the network, and people can enter their names and passwords only from other Macs. You can increase or decrease the amount of zooming by pressing Option-cplus (the = key) or Option-c-minus (the - key). What virus writer is going to waste his time on a computer with 8 percent market share?” That may be part of the reason OS X is virus-free. When do you think he will want to see-- She did not finish the sentence, because the door opened, and Mrs Medlock walked in. If you click the sample equation, the Fonts pane appears, so you can go to town fiddling with the type. Poor Martha was shaking in her shoes. Why learn two passwords instead of one? If this appeals to you, turn on “Use iCloud password,” and tell the Mac your iCloud email address (in the iCloud ID box). But Dickon laughed. If you turn on ViewÆ​Zoom Text Only, then all those shortcuts serve to magnify or shrink only the text on your page. Wouldn’t it be nice to add the newly unoccupied 50 gigs to your main partition? Now you can drag the main partition’s bottom edge downward (or type a new size into the Size box), expanding it into the free area. This time, type chris. On the other hand, if you choose a Spotlight keystroke that OS X uses for some other function, a little yellow alert icon appears in the Spotlight pane. He says Mrs Medlock must. (If the app is doing something in the background, like downloading or playing music, then App Nap doesn’t kick in) The instant you bring the program to the foreground, it snaps back to full speed. There they are: all the items you’ve bought on your other machines using your Apple ID. From the Show pop-up menu, choose Network Port Configurations; make all the connection methods in the list inactive. You can even drag across page boundaries.