دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

It involves nothing more than clicking your way through folders—a skill that, in theory, you already know. I want to see her laughing like that all the time.” A dialog box appears, called New Photo Stream. The iPhone, sitting anywhere in your house, can be the cellular module for your Mac—even if that iPhone is asleep and locked. Of course, the History list isn’t the only set of footprints you leave as you surf. Grid view 78 switching to the mac: the missing manual Tip: A cool white-ghostly-highlighting effect is available, which makes it easier to see which icon you’re pointing to as you move your mouse around in a grid or a fan. But it came alive. (Then fix the problem, using System PreferencesÆCDs & DVDs) 320 switching to the mac: the missing manual Playing a Movie DVD Movies Once DVD Player starts playing your movie, you can move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, at any time, to bring up the control bar. Colin leaned on Dickon's arm and privately Ben Weatherstaff kept a sharp lookout, but now and then Colin took his hand from its support and walked a few steps alone. Why does tha' want 'em? Then Mary told him about Basil and his brothers and sisters in India and of how she had hated them and of their calling her Mistress Mary Quite Contrary. But in the midst of it he had recovered himself and beckoned imperiously to Dickon. Oh, I've heard it ever since I remember, he answered crossly. What are you thinking about? I am thinking about two things. Insta-Jumping to a Folder Location Whether you’re using the mini-sheet or the expanded view, you can save yourself some folder-burrowing time by following this very weird tip: You can specify a folder location by dragging the icon of any folder or disk from your desktop directly into the Save or Open sheet. She wondered if they were all really locked and what she would find if she could get into any of them. But the door was locked and the key was buried, said Mary. Note: Until Yosemite came along, you and your recipient’s Mac both had to have their AirDrop windows open. Yes, your master address book (page 411) is accessible here; you can search All Contacts or any one of your accounts. To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, choose Celsius from the first pop-up menu, and Fahrenheit from the second. Click it.