دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

It’s like leaving a voicemail. Click the s button. You can open the shortcut menu of something on the Mac screen by Control-clicking it. Once the importing is finished, each imported song bears a green checkmark, and you have some brand-new files in your iTunes library. Click Send—off it goes! AirDrop. Not only can your Mac see other PCs on the network, but they can see the Mac, too. The menu reveals the name of your Mac, as it will appear to other Bluetooth wireless gadgets; and the version of Bluetooth you’re running. Sometimes they were pictures of dark, curious landscapes, but oftenest they were portraits of men and women in queer, grand costumes made of satin and velvet. Standin' on his feet! An' us all thinkin' he was a poor half-witted lad with not a straight bone in him. Highlight color. (If you change the “any” pop-up menu to say “all,” then all the criteria must be true for the rule to kick in) Figure 11-14: Top: Mail rules can screen out junk mail, serve as an email answering machine, or call important messages to your attention. And if you turned on “Remember this password in my keychain,” you won’t even be asked for 550 your name and password again. You’ve just installed a pointer—like a Macintosh alias or a Windows shortcut. This is the disk-repair part of Disk Utility, and it does a terrific job at fixing many disk problems. It can tell if you’re trying to get the text in only one column and highlights just that part automatically. When Person B is finished working, you can bring your whole work environment back to the screen without having to reopen anything. If you choose somebody from this list, you’re asked to make up an account password. (Click AirDrop in the sidebar of any Finder window) See the small blue control at the bottom? It governs who can 484 switching to the mac: the missing manual “see” this Mac for AirDrop purposes: No One, Contacts Only (that is, people in the Mac’s address book), or Everyone. Press c-J (or choose ViewÆShow View Options) to open the View Options pane for the results window. And on laptop Macs, the button is either a key in the upper-right corner of the keyboard or a round button near the upper right of the keyboard.