دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

You can also get to this command by choosing MailboxÆExport Mailbox. That’s a huge feature for people with tired or over-40 eyes. Drag the icon of the disk onto the Trash icon at the end of the Dock. The only downside: The accuracy isn’t as good as non-Enhanced Dictation. I felt so joyful, said Colin, opening his beautiful strange eyes at her. If fate ever brings that person back into your life, you can use this disk image to reinstate the deleted person’s account. I just love it. You can see the effect when, for example, you’re editing text in TextEdit and you’ve also opened the Font palette. Tip: You can even drag an icon directly to the Dock to install it there for quicker access. Message rules turn Mail into a surprisingly smart and efficient secretary. And remember, if the toolbar is hidden, you can get by with the equivalent commands in the View menu at the top of the screen—or by pressing c-1 for icon view, c-2 for list view, c-3 for column view, or c-4 for Cover Flow view. FileVault relies on the Recovery HD partition. Move it so that the misty highlighting fills the window or menu you want to capture—and then click. How queer! said Mary. When you release the mouse, you’re well on your way to discarding whatever it was you dragged. (DuckDuckGo is more limited than Google and its rivals.” Here’s another table—this one shows the other commands for capitalization, plus spacing and spelling commands. Everything is hot, and wet, and green after the rains in India, said Mary. switching to the mac: the missing manual Exporting Mailboxes Reading Email Time Machine (Chapter 5) backs up its data regularly—including your email. Type the event’s name.