دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

But you can put graphics into your word processor, paste movies into your database, insert text into Photoshop, and combine a surprising variety of seemingly dissimilar kinds of data. As you move your cursor around the page, the white rectangle conveniently snaps to fit the various rectangular sections of the page (Figure 4-20). She wondered how long it would be before they showed that they were flowers. He wouldn't let me go. For example, in Photo Booth, you also get choices like Add to iPhoto, Set Buddy Picture, Set Account Picture, or Change Figure 5-11: Top: Here’s how you might tweet a link to a page from Safari. Click the Photo Browser icon (v) on the toolbar to open up a palette that lists all the photos you’ve stored in iPhoto, Aperture, and Photo Booth. Blue refers to OS X’s factory setting—bright, candy-colored progress bars, a menu, and pulsing OK buttons—and those red, yellow, and green buttons in the corner of every window. The Lord knows she's nothing to look at and you scarcely ever hear her speak, but she did what none of us dare do. At first, you see only the first page, but the scroll bar reveals the rest) Choose FileÆImport Text and select any plain text file or RTF (Rich Text Format) document to bring it into a note. She liked it very much. That's th' good rich earth, he answered, digging away. Use LCD Font Smoothing When Available The Mac’s built-in text-smoothing (antialiasing) feature is supposed to produce smoother, more commercial-looking text anywhere it appears on your Mac: in word processing documents, email messages, Web pages, and so on (Figure 17-14). If the phone is turned on and awake, it’s officially connected. This tab lets you review all the ColorSync profiles installed on your system. Does tha' know how to print letters? suddenly. (You could accomplish the same thing in many other ways, of course; see page 189) What’s cool here is that (a) you can even hide the Finder and all its windows, and (b) if you press Option, the command changes to say Hide Others. Open Network and Sharing Center. Whether it’s Mac OS X, Windows, or Billy Bob’s System-Software Special, any OS must serve as the ambassador between the computer and you, its human operator. It’s a little extra insurance that you won’t miss a nudge; here’s where you can turn these sounds off. Colin heard her, however, and he gasped out between two sobs.