دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

(You’ll see its icon turn into a giant ´ symbol, the Mac’s little acknowledgment that it knows what you’re trying to do) 28 switching to the mac: the missing manual Where Your Stuff Is Where Your Stuff Is If you open the icon for your main hard drive (Macintosh HD) from the GoÆ​Computer window, for example, all you’ll find in the Macintosh HD window is a set of folders called Applications, Library, and Users. Do you want toys, books, dolls? Might I, quavered Mary, might I have a bit of earth? In her eagerness she did not realize how queer the words would sound and that they were not the ones she had meant to say. 184 switching to the mac: the missing manual The cool thing is that once you’ve got that heads-up display open, you can press “ or ‘ to enter Exposé for whatever program’s icon is highlighted! From there, release the keys and hit Tab to cycle through your open apps. Could it be possible that she sees that I may be able to do him good and control him? he thought. But she did not intend to look as if she were interested. He had a surly old face, and did not seem at all pleased to see her--but then she was displeased with his garden and wore her quite contrary expression, and certainly did not seem at all pleased to see him. I will cum bak. One listed unopened programs until you needed them, like the Start menu (Windows) or the Launcher (Mac OS 9). It's nicer like this with things runnin' wild, an' swingin' an' catchin' hold of each other. (If you reschedule a recurring event, Calendar asks if you want to change only this occurrence, or this and all future ones) If something is postponed for, say, a month or two, you’re in trouble, since you can’t drag an appointment beyond its month window. That is, pictures, movies, music, documents—no system files, preference files, or other detritus. She was awakened in the night by the sound of rain beating with heavy drops against her window. Click the background effect you want. What a sad situation! You’ve got some of your music available with you on any computer or mobile gadget, and some that’s stranded at home on your computer. Bullets and numbered lists don’t make it, either, even though TextEdit can create its own versions of these. He was rather thin with living on moor grass but he was as tough and wiry as if the muscle in his little legs had been made of steel springs. Open/close the Sidebar Address+ Search bar Tabs Figure 12-1: The Safari window offers tools and features that let you navigate the Web almost effortlessly. Click Keyboard Shortcuts and then Mission Control. Double-click one to connect. Playing with the graphic equalizer If you choose WindowÆEqualizer, you get a handsome control console that lets you adjust the strength of each musical frequency independently (Figure 9-16).