دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

It was a very strange thing indeed. As far as they’re concerned, deleting a file should really, really delete it, irrevocably, irretrievably, and forever. That makes it easy to move icons back and forth between them (Figure 2-20), or even to view the same window twice in different views. I tell you, you can! Dickon's round eyes were full of eager curiousness but he said not a word. Most people work with a limited set of folders for active documents. Of course, it did seem to begin to grow for her that morning. More Power to You As you can see, Apple has tried to make basic scanning as simple as possible: one click. It isn't like us poor fools as think it matters if us is called out of our names. Or, if the whole thing is a mess, you can press c-Z, the universal keystroke for Undo. Click the n button below the left-side list. Us must keep still a bit an'try to look as if us was grass an' trees an' bushes. 202 switching to the mac: the missing manual Tip: In column view, your first instinct should be to widen this window, making more columns available. Unlike in traditional chat, your pal doesn’t have to be online to get your message.jpg, . The fountain was playing now and was encircled by beds of brilliant autumn flowers. To empty the search box, click the ˛ button at the right end) Getting Help in OS X After a moment, you arrive at the Help browser program shown at top in Figure 2-29. Press c-[ (left bracket). Colin stretched out his hand and took it up. Gatekeeper is a pretty powerful disincentive for the world’s bad eggs; if millions of people leave Gatekeeper turned on, the bad guys might as well not even bother. Now you’ll see a white flash across the entire monitor whenever the Mac would otherwise beep—not a bad idea on laptops, actually, so that you don’t miss beeps when you’ve got the speakers muted.