دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

You stay out in the garden a great deal, he suggested. You get rid of the Dashboard either by pressing the same key again (F4 or whatever), by swiping three fingers to the right on your trackpad, or by clicking anywhere except on a widget. This is the account OS X created when you first installed it. Figure 9-3: Left: Most of the time, all you want is one darned copy of what’s on your screen. Then again, who cares? You live in the age of Google Maps (http://maps. First of all, you can use Quick Look (page 68) to inspect something in the Trash. Use the EditÆCut or EditÆCopy command. And this, said Mary, stepping on to the bed close to the ivy, is where I went to talk to him when he chirped at me from the top of the wall. Open System PreferencesÆDock and turn off “Show indicator lights for open applications. Many Mac fans prefer to hide and show the Dock at will by pressing the hide/show keystroke, Option-c-D. You’ll enjoy watching all your windows shift around with OS X’s patented slow-motion animation, which can be quite a sight. It might say, for example, “Condition: Normal. (Click anywhere except on a button or a control) To close a widget, press the Option key as you move the mouse across the widget’s face. 48 switching to the mac: the missing manual Icon size It’s super easy to make all your icons bigger or smaller; just drag the Icon Size slider in the lower-right corner of the window. Mary told him her story about the midnight wuthering of the wind which had wakened her and about the faint far-off sounds of the complaining voice which had led her down the dark corridors with her candle and had ended with her opening of the door of the dimly lighted room with the carven four-posted bed in the corner. Choose EditÆCopy. I am going to get up to the sofa for breakfast. Right: You can also choose Edit Status Menu to set up more creative alternatives to “Available” and “Away. Just click the Compose button (M) as usual. At this point, your “mouse button” is down.