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Now that I am a real boy, Colin had said, my legs and arms and all my body are so full of Magic that I can't keep them still. I daren't tell him much but he said he wanted to see it. 54 switching to the mac: the missing manual Free dragging—and grid spacing Whenever you’ve applied an Arrange or a Sort to an icon view, the icons remain rooted to an invisible underlying rows-and-columns grid. From now on, whenever you’re in WiFi, stuff you’ve bought on other Apple machines gets downloaded to this one automatically, in the background. White. Tha'lt make a mon yet. No one is to be there. That’s a great way to mix and match pages from different PDF documents into a single new one, for example. He did not know that just that simple thought was slowly filling his mind--filling and filling it until other things were softly pushed aside. In fact, both Parallels and Fusion can use the same copy of Windows as Boot Camp, so you save disk space and don’t have to manage two different Windows worlds. Calendar In many cases, that’s all there is to it. And when you insert a movie on DVD, you probably want the Mac’s DVD Player program to open. The list of files is much smaller now. Once you’ve created some groups, you can even add groups to other groups, as though you were nesting folders. In that case, you have no choice but to call that person over to your desk and either (a) harangue him for not turning on Autodiscover, or (b) have him fill in the server address and other boxes by hand. chapter 9: hardware on the mac 325 iTunes: The Digital Jukebox iTunes even starts you out with some playlists of its own devising, like “Top 25 Most Played” and “Purchased” (a convenient place to find all your iTunes Store goodies listed in one place). There are all kinds of ways to slice, dice, and search this catalog. Figure 9-7: Each account holder can have a separate set of fonts; your set is represented by the User icon. Tip: Here’s a much quicker way to add something to the Login Items list: right-click (or two-finger click) its Dock icon and choose “Open at Login” from the shortcut menu. Sidebar Icon Size This pop-up menu controls the size of the icons in the Sidebar (page 35), as you’d expect.