دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

If you’ve ever used a computer before, most of the objects on your screen are nothing more than updated versions of familiar elements. You can also “back out” again by clicking the Back button in the upperleft corner. Send away. She might have said it to Dickon in the same way if she had seen something in his face which touched her. You can flip between full-screen apps either with three or four fingers on the trackpad. As far as the Print dialog box is concerned, the first printed page is page 1, even if you’ve told your word processor to label it “page 455. If you’re not so much a switcher as an adder (you’re getting a Mac but keeping the PC around), you’ll be happy to hear that Macs and Windows PCs can “see” each other on a network automatically, too. Buy once, read many times. Dickon came in smiling his nicest wide smile. I shall live forever and ever and ever! he cried grandly. Presto—the mild-mannered folder window turns into the Searching window, complete with search results. You copy files to it from your PC, plug it into your Mac, and copy the files off, just like you would for any other disk. Great for flipping through images or PDF pages in Preview or iPhoto, or to go back or forward a page in Safari. (In plain-text messages, each line of the reply is >denoted >with >brackets, although only your recipient will see them) 398 switching to the mac: the missing manual The original sender’s name is automatically placed in the To field. The list of other resolution settings your monitor can accommodate—800 × 600, 1024 × 768, and so on—doesn’t appear unless you turn on Scaled. I don't know how it's happened. You can feel it in your bones and muscles. By the way, here’s a nice Yosemite touch: At the bottom of the P menu, you see the names of people to whom you’ve recently sent Web pages, and by which method. You can uninstall this row just as you’d remove any Today widget, as shown in Figure 18-4. Now drag up or down to shrink or enlarge the Dock.