دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Using the Play More Like This and Never Play This sections, you can add performers, songs, or genres that you want more of or don’t want to be part of this station anymore. Lets AppleScript gurus send commands to Macs across the network. Double-click an app’s icon in the Finder. Tha'rt shapin' first-rate--that tha'art. In icon, list, or Cover Flow views, you can also press Tab to highlight the next icon (in alphabetical order), or Shift-Tab to highlight the previous one. Tip: You can even drag an icon directly to the Dock to install it there for quicker access. Choose FinderÆPreferencesÆGeneral, and turn off “Open folders in tabs instead of new windows. Word See “Microsoft Office” in this chapter. A few more tips on mastering the Mac keyboard appear in Chapter 1. The file opens normally, 100 percent virus free. Later, if you need to pull one of those stashes back into duty, choose FileÆImport Mailboxes. Your mother is a kind woman. (That’s the wording in the Finder. Ring the bell, said Colin. It's past crediting. Tip: You don’t have to wait for the application to finish bouncing—you’re wasting perfectly good computing time. Some of these alerts slide away again after 5 seconds; others require you to click a button, like Close, Snooze, or Show (which opens the program that’s waving its little hand in your face). They’re disturbingly creative. (That may not be especially useful for people with limited vision, but it can be handy for graphic designers learning how to reproduce a certain icon, dot by dot) chapter 17: system preferences 573 Accessibility You can start enlarging things in either of two ways: From the keyboard. And you can click Check Now to open the App Store to its Updates page.