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It’s a huge convenience—almost magical. chapter 19: the free programs 651 iBooks To see your collections, click Collections; the Collections list opens at the left side. That idiotproof method gives you very few options, however. A hardware accessory called a switch lets you operate certain gadgets this way. You can’t add contacts to a smart group yourself, but you can still send an email to all the members of a smart group, for example, or drag one to the Finder to create a composite vCard. What did I tell you? I turned round the wrong corner, explained Mary. Mary thought that there seemed to be a number of uncomfortable things he was not to forget. He's made up his mind to make friends with thee, replied Ben. If you open this folder, you’ll find a handful of strange-looking, Unix-named folders and files that are, behind the scenes, pieces of the Calculator program itself. The arch of it looked very high and the small snowy clouds seemed like white birds floating on outspread wings below its crystal blueness. System Information System Information is a great tool for learning exactly what’s installed on your Mac and what’s not—in terms of both hardware and software. In programs that offer the Auto Save and Versions features described later in this chapter, like TextEdit, the red-dot convention has been retired. He came out o' th' egg there. Tha'll see him flyin' backward an' for'ard carryin' worms nigh as big as himsel' an' that much noise goin' on in th' nest when he gets there as fair flusters him so as he scarce knows which big mouth to drop th' first piece in. Oh! Mary! he cried out with a half sob. Files dragged to your Mac wind up in your Downloads folder. And tell me all about it. 136 switching to the mac: the missing manual Other If this were a math equation, it might look like this: options × options = overwhelming. I will come as often as I can, but--she hesitated--I shall have to look every day for the garden door. At this point, you can use any of the usual text-formatting controls to modify them all simultaneously.