دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

You can click P to send the note to someone, either by email (Chapter 11) or in Messages (Chapter 13). Want to know if Apple sells or rents a certain movie or TV show? Want a quick way to find that Angry Birds phone game you’ve heard about? Use Spotlight. Mistress Mary felt quite contrary. You'll get plenty of fresh air, won't you? said Mary. Otherwise, 236 switching to the mac: the missing manual you need either a special FireWire 800–to–FireWire 400 cable, or the 400-to-800 adapter that came with your Mac. Later, when you return to the Finder, you find a neat, clean desktop—no loitering windows. It was more than a ring, however; it was an old key which looked as if it had been buried a long time. That’s why, on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, your Photo Stream consists of just the last 1,000 photos. This preview is like a tiny version of Quick Look (Chapter 2). He's settin' up housekeepin'. Figure 3-24 explains the remaining steps. Type the address you want and then press Return to make the bar disappear again. bring tha' creatures wi' thee--an' then--in a bit, when there's more leaves out, an'happen a bud or two, we'll get him to come out an' tha' shall push him in his chair an' we'll bring him here an'show him everything. Window Controls Tip: In some programs, including Microsoft Word, dragging this proxy icon lets you move the actual file to a different disk or folder—without even leaving the program. While it’s connected to the PC, drag files and folders onto it. Tip: In case this automatic-update thing feels a little too automatic, you can always see a list of what updates have been installed while you weren’t looking. Matches appear in the Sidebar, with page numbers; click one to go there. Have you a garden of your own? she asked. 6 switching to the mac: the missing manual Note: Much of this book is adapted from OS X Yosemite: The Missing Manual. I--there is nothing for me to do.