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He's always talking about live things. That one? she said. 278 switching to the mac: the missing manual If you want all the features from Outlook, though, you’d probably be better off using Microsoft Outlook for Mac, which is available as part of Microsoft Office for Mac. If you delete a recurring event (like a weekly meeting), Calendar asks whether you want to delete only that particular instance of the event, or the whole series from that point forward. But if there were one word tattooed on its forehead, it would be “Classrooms!”) Use Simple Finder If you’re really concerned about somebody’s ability to survive the Mac—or the Mac’s ability to survive somebody—turn on Use Simple Finder. If the kid has an iCloud account but isn’t with you at the moment: Type in his email address. Oh, you are Roach, are you? he said. But if you use the Mission Control pane instead, then you can set up a screen corner or a mouse button to trigger Dashboard—not just a keyboard combo. To find this: Use one of these keywords: A program app, application, applications Someone in your address book contact, contacts A folder or disk folder, folders A message in Mail email, emails, mail message, mail messages A Calendar appointment event, events A Calendar task to do, to dos, todo, todos A graphic image, images A movie movie, movies A music file music An audio file audio A PDF file pdf, pdfs A System Preferences control preferences, system preferences A Safari bookmark bookmark, bookmarks A font font, fonts A presentation (PowerPoint, iWork) presentation, presentations You can combine these codes with the text you’re seeking, too. Inside are folders that closely resemble the My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music folders on Windows. Just click the list and then choose FileÆExport. With each incorrect guess, the entire password box shudders violently from side to side, as though shaking its head no. That's true, he said slowly. In that case, you can turn off a command in the list (in System PreferencesÆ​AccessibilityÆ​Dictation). But if you find it disturbing (or if you’re worried about someone else discovering what you’re up to), turn on this checkbox. For thousands of people, that’s the screamingly obvious, and extremely convenient, approach. Click one to see it at full size in the main window. (It doesn’t affect your printout) Envelopes. A preview pops out to the right. (In the Type pop-up menu, you might wonder about FIPS-181.