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Now you can control programs and documents, too, with commands like these: “Switch to Safari. But producing a copy of the dragged icon is easy enough: 104 Just press Option or c as you drag. If this arrangement sounds useful, choose MailÆPreferences; click Accounts and select the account from the list on the left; click Mailbox Behaviors; and then turn off the checkbox called “Move deleted messages to a separate folder” or “Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox. chapter 11: mail & contacts 407 Reading Email For example, if you’d like the program to watch out for messages from a particular person, you would set up the first two pop-up menus to say “From” and “Contains,” respectively. You might create one for your most trusted colleagues, another for those rambunctious kids, and so on—all in the name of streamlining the file-sharing privileges feature described on page 512. The Four Window Views You can view the files and folders in a desktop window in any of four ways: as icons; as a single, tidy list; in a series of neat columns; or in Cover Flow view, where you can flip through giant document icons like they’re CDs in a music-store bin. For committed multiple-monitor fanatics, the fun doesn’t stop there. When it’s all over, you can preserve your masterpiece using any of these techniques: Export a graphic by choosing FileÆExport. Doing that makes the item seem to disappear—but in fact, it whips into a separate list called Completed (the top of the list, shown in Figure 19-28). chapter 3: files, icons & spotlight 123 Spotlight Spotlight’s menu lists only a couple of dozen found items. The color-coded graph clearly indicates the space being used for backups. Note: Out of the box, Mail doesn’t apply its spam-targeting features to people whose addresses are in your Contacts, to people you’ve emailed recently, or to messages sent to you by name rather than just by email address. Hidden messages remain hidden, but they don’t go away for good until you use the rebuild mailbox command described in the box on page 405. Turn off “Show warning before changing an extension. Simply slide your cursor over, click the menu command you wanted, and get on with your life. You wind up with alphabetically sorted files like this: “1. Type a name for your new location, such as Chicago Office or Dining Room Floor. This option makes your picture repeat over and over until the multiple images fill the entire monitor. You also see the System folder’s version, the name of the drive it’s on, and its actual name. I'll cut it low down an' see.