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For example, Word files are . That was why I said, `Perhaps we shall hear golden trumpets' and told you to throw open the window. “Get a random security code” means that the Mac will make up a long, complicated password for you. No wonder laptop luggers across America are getting into cellular Internet services. You needn't expect to see him, because ten to one you won't, said Mrs Medlock. You arrive at the dialog box shown in Figure 4-26. You can resize such boxes by dragging the three diagonal ribbed lines in the lower-right corner of the text field. 362 switching to the mac: the missing manual You can read more about iCloud Drive on page 362. And you can carry your Apple TV around with you to corporate boardrooms to project your pitches, rather than a $1,500 projector. There was just a minute's silence, for even Colin tried to hold his breath while Mary looked up and down his spine, and down and up, as intently as if she had been the great doctor from London. Choose MailboxÆGet All New Mail (or press Shift-c-N). You now have to specify where you want this category to live: On My Mac (meaning on your Mac), or on one of your online accounts, like iCloud, Google, Yahoo, or Exchange. As you do so, their names get added to the list of programs in this dialog box. Tip: You can tell that the copying is under way even if the progress bar is hidden. Delete an entry by clicking the ˛ button that appears at the right side when you point there, as shown here by the cursor. If you choose this option, a “Drag image here” square appears. The Mac is crawling with newsgroup-reading programs. In addition to looking cool, these buttons sprout a ‘ when you point to them; when you click there, you get a list of useful commands (including Show Contact Card). Within Family Sharing, you can now create Apple accounts for tiny tots; 13 is no longer the age minimum. There's not a lump as big as a pin! If you ever say there is again, I shall laugh! No one but Colin himself knew what effect those crossly spoken childish words had on him.