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He's knowed me ever since I was a little 'un an' he's a friendly sort an' I axed him some questions. You have my permission to go, he said, and they both disappeared quickly and it must be confessed giggled when they were safely inside the house. 654 switching to the mac: the missing manual Tip: The Mac’s speaking feature isn’t limited to a blob of text that you’ve highlighted. In all of these cases, you can change the Dashboard keystroke to whatever you like, as described below. And now, Apple’s entirely reasonable fine print and limits: Mail Drop allows you to send a maximum of 200 messages a day, or messages to more than 1,000 recipients a day from your iCloud account. He's gone all th' way to Scotland for th' sports some years. The first time you run OS X, you’ll find only these icons on the toolbar: Figure 2-27: If you right-click (or twofinger click) a blank spot on the toolbar, you get a pop-up menu that offers you a choice of looks for the buttons here: Icon Only, Text Only, or Icon and Text. Figure 2-12: The checkboxes you turn on in the View Options dialog box determine which columns of information appear in a list-view window. The station was a small one and nobody but themselves seemed to be getting out of the train. At this point, Mail offers to apply your freshly minted rule to all the messages that are in the mailboxes that are currently selected. You’ll find step-by-step instructions in the free downloadable appendix for this chapter, “Converting WAV Sounds to Mac Error Beeps. Before Apple gave F9, F10, and F11 to the fast-forward and speaker-volume functions, those keys controlled the Exposé window-management function described in Chapter 4. As shown in Figure 3-8 at right, there’s room for only a few favorite tags—their colored dots, anyway—right in the FileÆTags menu, or the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click or two-finger click an icon. If you have your recovery key, read on. The other kept track of which programs were open at the moment for easy switching, like the taskbar (Windows) or the Application menu (Mac OS 9). In a list view, the Date Modified, Date Added, and Date Created columns generally display information in a format like this: “Tuesday, March 5, 2015. But in OS X, you can highlight any icon and then tap the space bar for an instant preview. Perhaps they are both the same thing. It's a queer place. If you choose Other, the Color Picker palette (see the box on the next page) appears, from which you can choose any color your Mac is capable of displaying.