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Perhaps--perhaps he has been thinking about it all afternoon. If you click it, you can type a quick response right there in the notification window, without having to fire up Messages at all (bottom). And if it turns out you just dragged something into the wrong window or folder, a quick c-Z (the shortcut for EditÆUndo) puts it right back where it came from. Tip: You can combine steps 1 and 2 by right-clicking (or two finger-clicking) an icon and choosing the Copy command from the shortcut menu that appears—or by using the F menu. His lips were fuller and of a normal color. That’s why, at this point, you need the drivers drive you created earlier. When you add the System folder to the exclusion list, Time Machine makes another space-saving offer: “Would you like to also exclude other files installed with Mac OS X, such as system applications and UNIX tools?” Agreeing (by clicking Exclude All System Files) saves you another several gigabytes of backup space. In the Get Info dialog box, click Select New Original. It's been th' makin' o' her an' th'savin, o' him. Click OK. To make your machine sleep, do one of the following: Close the lid. Finally, note that you can store frequently used (or frequently admired) colors in the tiny palette squares at the bottom. Action (F).” “Go to the beginning. Disable a font. Apple says it will add more languages over time. In essence, OS X is fanning out the folder’s contents so you can see all of them. chapter 6: transferring your files to the mac 255 Transfers by Apple Genius Transfers by Apple Genius By far the easiest way to transfer all the stuff from your PC to your new Mac is to let Apple do it for you. Getting Started When you open the Game Center app, start by signing in. In some ways, the Sidebar is a lot like the Dock, in that you can stash favorite icons of any sort there.