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Disks Erasing a Disk OS X doesn’t have an Erase Disk command at the desktop. And it can handle files as big as 100 megabytes) Adjust the type size. I don't know what to do. A present! exclaimed Mistress Mary. Tip: OK, it’s all very dazzling and all. After supper there was still a long clear twilight to work in and that was her quiet time. She had never thought there could be so many in any house. In Mail, it’s always the most recent message in the conversation) Less sophisticated email programs figure out which messages go together by matching only their subject lines. Figure 12-3: In each case, Safari offers to memorize this Web page’s name, or a shorter name that you specify for it. Note: Your HomeÆLibrary folder is ordinarily hidden. This option might be better known as Paranoid Mode. chapter 9: hardware on the mac 319 Startup Disks Selecting a Startup Disk It’s perfectly possible to have more than one startup disk simultaneously attached to your Mac. One is the popular Adium, a single program that works with Messages’ chat services and many others, including ICQ. Street Atlas USA and Route 66, for example, are no longer available for the Mac. This folder, generally named after you and stashed in the Users folder on your hard drive, stores not only your own work, but also your preference settings for all the programs you use, special fonts you’ve installed, your own email collection, and so on. To bring the window back to full size, click the newly created Dock icon. Auto-Filled-In Credit Cards Safari can also store your credit card information, making it infinitely easier to buy stuff online. You’ve just saved yourself a lot of poking around menus, trying to find the name of a site you know you’ve seen recently. In other words, this feature may have the smallest pages-to-significance ratio in this entire book. To choose a graphic to use as your own icon, click the round picture to the right of your own name at the top of the buddy list.