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Apple might have blessed your particular Mac model with some bonus programs, or you may have downloaded or installed some on your own) Tip: A reminder: You can jump straight to the Applications folder in the Finder by pressing Shift-c-A (the shortcut for GoÆApplications), or by clicking the Applications folder icon in the Sidebar. The Fonts pane: When you use a Carbon program, you usually access these fonts the same way as always: using a Font menu. The Highlight color also affects such subtleties as the lines on the inside of a window as you drag an icon into it. Read on. But maybe you want to read online about some update online before installing it. Bookmarks, Favorites, Top Sites Promote a frequently visited site. Movies Photo Booth can also record videos, complete with those wacky distortion effects. Now turn on “Require password to change firmware settings,” as shown here. What a wonderful thing for Mrs Sowerby to think of! What a kind, clever woman she must be! How good the buns were! And what delicious fresh milk! Magic is in her just as it is in Dickon, said Colin. She did not want it to be a quite dead garden. Thoughtfully enough, the Mac records, invisibly, only what’s changed between versions, so your files don’t get all big and bloated. By turning it into a disk-image file on your hard drive, you’ll always have a safety copy, ready to burn back onto a new CD. It lets your Mac memorize your signature, either by taking a picture of it—or by letting you sign with your finger on your laptop’s trackpad (a new feature in Yosemite). Dickon nodded. Can I trust you? I trusted Dickon because birds trusted him. To send just a link to the page you’re looking at, install the Mail button (¬) onto the toolbar, as described on page 382. 270 switching to the mac: the missing manual If you want fancier features—recording less common disc formats, for example—what you need is Toast for the Macintosh. To teach the Mac more precisely where you are in that time zone, use the Closest City pop-up menu. It may be too late to do anything--quite too late. One by one, you can add them to the list of lucky sharers of your files or folders—and then change the degree of access they have to the stuff you’re sharing.