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He won't see people. You can open files from the other drives, copy stuff back and forth—anything you would do with your own disk. No, she answered. Most people work with a limited set of folders for active documents. Drag an icon out of the main Favorites view window to make it disappear in a puff of cartoon smoke. Accessing Shared Files If you don’t see a certain Mac’s icon here, it might be turned off, it might not be on the network, or it might have File Sharing turned off. Once you’ve typed that in, your new mobile gadget is part of the great syncing circle of life. The Spelling dialog box appears. The second thing she wanted to find out was this. chapter 16: networking, file sharing & airdrop 553 Accessing Shared Files Disconnecting Yourself When you’re finished using a shared disk or folder, you can disconnect from it as shown in Figure 16-12. I'll tell you what I think it would be like, if we could go into it, she said. You leave Starry Versionland and return to your document, which has now been rewound to its earlier condition. Standard view (three columns) Standard view (folder column hidden) Figure 11-1: Mail can have several different layouts. Otherwise, Disk Utility now creates the image and then mounts it—that is, turns the image file into a simulated, yet fully functional, disk icon on your desktop. That is, it’s a hierarchical list, meaning that you can burrow into folders within folders, all from the original Dock icon, and all without opening a single new window. Replying to a Message To answer a message, click the Reply ⁄ button on the message toolbar (or choose MessageÆReply, or press c-R). Come here! he said. That way, chapter 1: how the mac is different 21 Menulets = Tray Tip: You can Option-click this menulet to see three additional lines of nerdy details about your Bluetooth setup: the Bluetooth software version you’re using, the name of your Mac (which is helpful when you’re trying to make it show up on another Bluetooth gadget), and its Bluetooth MAC [hardware] address. (You can also get rid of a list by clicking it and then pressing the Delete key) Tip: You can view the contents of more than one list simultaneously. Type your password, if one is required, and feel guiltless about the interruption.