دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

(The icons swell to whatever maximum size you specified in System Preferences (Figure 2-24). When a note is collapsed, the first line of text shows up in tiny type in the collapsed title bar of the note, so you don’t have to expand the note to remember what’s in it. From the shortcut menu, choose More Widgets. It doesn't stand to reason that a pretty woman could be th' mother o' such a fou' little lass, she had added obstinately. Sometimes it stopped for a moment or so and then began again. And what, exactly, is the Top Hit? OS X chooses it based on its relevance (the importance of your search term inside that item) and timeliness (when you last opened it). If you don’t have iCloud: If you don’t have an iCloud account, then you’ll need a Web site of your own, where your online calendar can be hung. This one address list appears everywhere: in Mail, Messages, and so on. I’ll fill in all your other passwords automatically. At the Faster setting, Chess won’t think more than one move ahead. For example, you’ll be asked for your password every time you wake the computer or exit the screensaver. You do! You are prettier than anything else in the world! She chirped, and talked, and coaxed and he hopped, and flirted his tail and twittered. Camera. She wore a green brocade dress and held a green parrot on her finger. It's all safe now, he said. Apple recommends that for Windows 8 or 8. The Cursor size slider is a godsend not only to people with failing vision, but also to anyone using one of Apple’s large, super-high-resolution screens; as the pixel density increases, the arrow cursor gets smaller and smaller. If you and your buddies all have fast Internet connections and cameras like the ones built into most Mac models, then up to four participants can join in video chats, all onscreen at once, no matter where they happen to be in the world. (You can see it, if you really want to, by clicking the See More link at the bottom of each message) Lower right: Click the tiny number, as shown here by the cursor, to view a list of the messages within the clump. (The advantage here, of course, is that you don’t have to highlight the word first) “Basic Mac program,” in this case, means one of the Apple standards: Mail, Stickies, Safari, TextEdit, Messages, and so on.