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Bridge Mac (with AirPort): Internet Sharing ON AirPort Macs If you play your cards right, all these Macs can get online simultaneously, using a single Internet connection. If you type date:yesterday, then Spotlight limits its hunt to items you last opened yesterday. That’s when you should think of using the Help menu. Is it so very bad? Oh, is it? Mary heard her say. Get out of the room! he shouted and he caught hold of his pillow and threw it at her. That's what Dickon does when he's lying on the moor. For example, the first token might limit the search to messages from one person; you could then create another one that limits the search to a certain date. Figure 2-13: If your monitor is big enough, you can expand the Comments column to show several paragraphs, all in a single line—enough to reveal the full life history of each icon. (Press Option-Return to create a new paragraph) And hope whoever finds your laptop has a conscience. Tip: Instead of reading your mail, you might prefer to have OS X read it to you, as you sit back in your chair and sip a strawberry daiquiri. In fact, every disk inside, or attached to, a Mac is represented on the desktop by an icon (see Figure 1-7). Sometimes she stopped digging to look at the garden and try to imagine what it would be like when it was covered with thousands of lovely things in bloom. Setting Up Messages On the other hand, there are some great chat apps that Messages can’t touch. See step 3 on page 438 for details. Why, th' garden was lyin' here waitin'! Mary put her hands on her chest, panting, as if she had been running herself. Surrender to the power of chance! No matter which screensaver mode you choose, you can also turn on “Show with clock. But in the Account Name box, type your Facebook name (with a period instead of a space), chapter 13: messages 457 Setting Up Messages followed by @chat. In the To field, type the recipient’s email address. 436 switching to the mac: the missing manual Set up the first Mac But if this is your first iCloud Keychain setup experience, here’s how it goes. It gives you another way to unlock the encrypted drive, even without knowing the account holder’s password.