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If you’re the only person who uses your Mac, you can safely skip most of this chapter. Then use this command. In other words, the multiple-accounts feature has two components: first, a convenience element that hides everyone else’s junk; and second, a security element that protects both the Mac’s system software and everybody’s work. In any case, you’ve just made a new list called New List. If there’s ever text in the picture—something written on your T-shirt, for example—or if you ever examine the way your hair is parted, you’ll realize that every image is backward. He choked and gulped and suddenly tears ran down his weather-wrinkled cheeks as he struck his old hands together. They can include photos, movies, or other kinds of files. He had a red spot on each cheek. Tip: Annoyingly, the help window still insists on floating in front of all other windows; you can’t send it to the back like any normal program. Later, you can switch these groups of fonts on or off at will, or jump right to them in programs that use the standard Fonts pane, which saves you time wading through hundreds of fonts. 372 switching to the mac: the missing manual Make up a name and password for the new iCloud account, too. She wanted to stay in the mysterious hidden-away room and talk to the mysterious boy. To see the password, turn on “Show password. Or you can reset the slate by deleting some, so that you’ll be asked again the next time you visit. Oh! cried Mary, is he going away tomorrow? I am so glad! He's goin' for a long time. Lock. chapter 11: mail & contacts 377 Checking Your Mail Checking Your Mail You get new mail and send mail you’ve already written using the Get Mail command. Tha's a bit fatter than tha' was an' tha's not quite so yeller. They'll look like a bed o' blue an' white butterflies flutterin' when they're out. Image Capture automatically opens up this page in your Web browser, proud of its work.