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I am ten, answered Mary, forgetting herself for the moment, and so are you. Some details: You can opt to have new versions of your programs quietly and automatically downloaded and installed in the background, so that you’re never bugged about their arrival. You can choose ViewÆShow Preview (or press Shift-c-P) in any of the Finder’s four window views—and you get a full-height preview pane at the right side of the window (Figure 2-17). This is the Dock, a close parallel to the Windows taskbar. The updates are small files, so they download fast; the App Store delivers only the pieces that have actually changed. Nice. There is no one to talk to here except you and Ben Weatherstaff. Even so, Apple includes Image Capture with OS X for these reasons: Image Capture is a smaller, faster app for downloading all or only some pictures from your camera (Figure 19-16). Use the menu. You wouldn’t want the battery to die in the middle of this process) Now turn the MacBook on again, but hold down the T key immediately after the chime. What is it? he said, almost in a whisper, and he passed his hand over his forehead. I bought 'em so I could print a bit of a letter to mother of a Sunday. When she turns on the computer and signs in, she finds the desktop exactly the way it was factory-installed by Apple—stunning outer-space desktop picture, Dock along the bottom, and so on. Tell me some more about him, he said. Tab Management Once you’ve got some tabs adorning your window, you can operate them thusly: To switch tabs, click one, or press Control-Tab. It’s filled with kid-friendly sites like Disney and Discovery Kids, but of course you can edit the list by clicking the n and — buttons below the list. If your Mac isn’t able to send and receive calls and texts through your phone, here’s the checklist. You might find it easier to get your bearings that way. It’s generally hidden, although you can get to it by pressing Option as you choose GoÆLibrary. Send a message from your iPhone, and you’ll find it in the Sent Mail folder on your Mac.