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Bluescreen Backdrops and Video FX If your video chats look like a bunch of cubicle-dwellers sitting around chatting at their desks, then you can liven things up with one of Messages’ most glamorous and jaw-dropping features: photo or video backgrounds for your talking head. Mary had never liked her, and she simply stood and gazed up at her as she stood giggling into her handkerchief. And a notice appears on your Mac screen (Figure 14-1). (You could buy add-on software or muck with workarounds, but you always felt like a weirdo) 296 switching to the mac: the missing manual Now, however, Exchange compatibility is built in. In other words, it won’t let you change the shape of the photo; that’s why a little padlock icon appears to bracket the Height and Width boxes. Tip: If you c-click several mail folders before you search, you can limit the search to that particular set of mailboxes. Setting Up a Printer Setting up a printer is incredibly easy. And if you choose “On date,” you can specify the date when the repetitions come to an end; use this option to indicate the last day of school, for example. Mary had never liked her, and she simply stood and gazed up at her as she stood giggling into her handkerchief. She unchained and unbolted and unlocked and when the door was open she sprang across the step with one bound, and there she was standing on the grass, which seemed to have turned green, and with the sun pouring down on her and warm sweet wafts about her and the fluting and twittering and singing coming from every bush and tree. That, of course, means “Click me to cancel this copying job, since you obviously don’t know about the c-period keystroke. To turn it off for all new documents, choose TextEditÆPreferences, click New Document, and then turn off “Check spelling as you type. The Anti-Spam Toolkit Spam, the junk that now makes up more than 80 percent of email, is a problem that’s only getting worse. Go away! For a moment Basil looked angry, and then he began to tease. The idea of protecting themselves from suspicion had been unconsciously suggested to them first by the puzzled nurse and then by Dr Craven himself. In the list of found machines, click the name of the one you want to send your files to, and then click Send. What you want is images whose names contain the word “Chris. She was full of fun and made them laugh at all sorts of odd things. That’s why Messages comes set to delete each audio message 2 minutes after you send it—unless you click Keep within that window. The Unified Address/Search Bar There are all kinds of ways to begin your Web surfing session.