دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Better yet, 146 switching to the mac: the missing manual you’ll be downloading the latest version of that program; you won’t have to install all the “. (You don’t need to use an Ethernet crossover cable, as you did in days of old) At this point, your two Macs belong to the same ad hoc micro-network. (You can see them at lower left in Figure 4-4) Note: The only program icon that doesn’t appear in Launchpad…is Launchpad’s. She had never seen a crow so close before and he made her a little nervous, but the next moment he spread his wings and flapped away across the garden. Sooner or later, you may need to delete an account from your Mac. 704 Shrinking a partition. Messages’ screen-sharing feature is a close relative of the network screen-sharing feature described in Chapter 16. If you bought your Mac already set up in your own language—you’re already using the only language, number format, and keyboard layout you’ll ever need—then you can ignore most of this pane. You can click either Decline (you don’t want the file) or Accept. Mary gazed at the tree and thought. In fact, you can usually reopen the very same program and get on with your life. Here’s the visible rainbow arrayed yet another way: in cloudy, color-arranged streaks. On the other hand, if you know the correct symbols to produce smileys—typing :) produces a yellow happy face, for example, and <3 produces a red heart—you can save time by typing them instead of using the pop-up menu. He drew himself up to his very tallest. To delete a smart folder, just drag its icon out of the Sidebar. Empty Page. WiFi (A) lets you turn your WiFi (wireless networking) circuitry on or off, join existing wireless networks, and create your own private ones. Here’s the short answer: Everything goes into your Mac’s Home folder. I want some fresh air. Without encryption, an evildoer could theoretically bust into your house, steal your backup disk, and have full, unfettered access to all your backed-up files.